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I Have a Job Again

Sorry for not posting for a while, I’ve been busy job hunting.

A few weeks ago my school told me they weren’t renewing my contract (about 2 days after starting this blog), so I have been busy trying to find a new job. Today I did a demo class at an English training center in Nanjing and they loved it. I also have another demo class at another school and a possible interview at a very good school coming up this week, so whichever one is best I’ll take.

So now that I’m not stressed out about keeping my family fed I’ll be posting more. Expect a couple of posts every 2 or 3 days now ranging from book and product reviews, recall information, child nutrition and daily life.


Hurray! My Daddy can keep feeding me!


Free Children Stories

There is a new page available at the top of the screen featuring children stories.
These stories were written by Grandma for her grandkids and they’re pretty good. So feel free to read them and let her know what you think.

There will be one story put up every week for the foreseeable future, so make sure to check back every Friday or Saturday.


Dan and Grandma

It’s Not Easy Being a Father

As the first official blog entry I would like to talk about how my daughter at 3 months old is really a mischievous little girl.

Smiling baby girl

This happy baby is actually a notorious practical joker.

The other night I was reading in bed while my wife slept,  Anqi (Chinese for Angel) was sleeping in her crib beside us. She is usually a very good sleeper and only wakes up for emergencies or little night scares, so when she wakes up its almost always a surprise.

She had been sleeping silently since about 9pm, she wasn’t even snoring she was so peaceful.

All of a sudden she let out a squeal as if in pain. I jumped out of bed, dropping my book and looked down to see what was wrong.

There was Anqi looking at me with a big smile on her face and her eyes lit up. She even managed a gurgle of delight when she saw my face.

I looked down at her and said, “Anqi are you tricking me?”

Her toothless grin grew larger.

My wife who had woken up asked what was wrong. When I explained to her that our sweet and innocent little girl had played a nasty prank on her concerned father, do you think I got any sympathy?

No. She started laughing along with Anqi.

It’s not easy being a father sometimes.