Grandparents and Parents

Stories and information from two generations.

Being a Grandma

I am not knocking being a parent because it is wonderful to watch your child grow into a person you admire and love, but being a grandma or grandpa is lots more fun.

You get to do the fun stuff while as a parent you have to discipline and make a lot of rules that have to be followed. These are good things so that when your grandchild comes for a visit they behave well. But as grandpa and grandma you can bend the rules since you may not see your grandchildren often during the year.

Grandpa being Grandpa

You don’t have to make them eat their vegetables every meal, and bed time is when you get tired not exactly the same time as the parents have to stick to.  You also get to buy the toys the child wants because you don’t have to budget for new clothes and school supplies the way a parent must.

grandma does not have to make them eat vegetables

You get to teach them things that parents might not think of. You get to let them teach you things like re-learning that watching ants walk across the sidewalk is interesting. Or watching birds fly across the sky and being stopped because the wind is blowing so hard. Or even talking to a stranger the way a small child will. We need to re-learn these things because as adults we tend to forget.

The fun you can have with children when they let you play with their leggos. You might even remember some of the things you built with those colourful blocks. You built forts and farms and sometimes cars but the things you can build now like working robots and cars and space ships. Let imagination run away with you and your little ones.

Little girls still like Barbie dolls so you can spend some time in between visits making outfits for the dolls. Keep a box with things that children like so even a rainy day is not a boring day for you or the children.

Books from your childhood come in handy to read from or to teach reading enjoyment. It is fun to see children who are so used to computers, bikes and gadgets to play with find the stories of children born long before the time of malls and cars find things to do to have fun.

The thing about being a grandma is that you get to be silly or childish and that is the most fun of all.

Fill an empty dish soap bottle for everyone and have a water fight on a hot day.  Pack a picnic lunch and take it to the park or even out into the back yard.

Just keep in mind it is the time you spend with your grandchildren that create the best memories that they will carry with them between visits and into their adult lives. Make the most of it.


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